Aaron`s Lease Agreement Return Policy

Please read these terms and conditions carefully. By using one of Aaron`s services, you agree: (i) all conditions and indications; (ii) confirm that you have read and understood these terms of use; (iii) ensure that you are 18 or older; (iv) permission to be legally bound by these terms of use; and (v) agree with the content of Aaron`s privacy policy described below. If you don`t accept these terms of use, don`t use Aaron services and don`t download apps. A security deposit („deposit”) may be required at the time of the execution of this Agreement and will only be refunded to the Customer if the Customer has fully fulfilled all the conditions of this Agreement and makes the device properly maintained and reusable. The amount of bail is set by Aaron. Aaron respects the intellectual property of others. If you believe that your intellectual property rights are being violated, please file written claims: Aaron may require the client to pay, as rent for the equipment, all amounts due for the duration of the lease after the execution of this Agreement. There is no credit for the early return of the device. The terms of this agreement must not be changed orally, including by telephone with Aaron`s staff, and can only be changed by a written agreement executed by both the client and an authorized Aaron manager. Without Aaron`s written agreement to extend the duration of the agreement, the Customer accepts all costs and charges related to late returns, including the imputation of the device. The customer accepts that Aaron may charge the customer`s credit card, if any, for all rental and other costs related to this contract and agrees that he cannot challenge the payment fee in due form, as stated in this Agreement. In the event that the Client disputes the costs, or if the recovery is necessary to recover the costs and costs associated with this Agreement or to enforce another provision of the Agreement, the Client undertakes to pay Aaron all legal fees, fees, expert fees and other expenses resulting from this collection transaction.

This right to legal fees applies to the whole agreement and not just to that paragraph. Aaron can withhold all deposits already deposited and can charge the full amount (the rental fees and market value of the device) to the customer`s credit card which is provided as a down payment. All unpaid amounts are paid with interest of one and a half per cent (1.5%) Interest rate. per month (18% per year), unless a law limits the amount of interest that can be recovered and the maximum legal rate applies. Aaron`s damage directive. If you want to return this item to Aaron at the end of your lease, the item must be in the state it was in when you received it, or it is not accepted. The customer agrees to pay the following fees per day for the rented equipment. The purchase of all products and other items (individually, a „product” and together the „products”) by Aaron -Company, Inc. („Aaron”), including, but not limited to the purchase of products or services, either by written order, telephone, personal, e-mail, Aaron`s website, mobile website or other mode or means of ordering and/or purchase are subject to the conditions. The terms and conditions include a legal agreement between you („customer,” „you” or „you”) and Aaron and are included by reference.