Boundary Agreement Cost

Let`s take a look at the aerial photographs that cover the issue of ownership. While the scale can often be too small to allow for accurate delineation, the photographs are nevertheless an excellent indicator and an overview of the historical position of the border. The HM Land Registry (HM) does not set a limit to resolve a disagreement over where the exact line of the border is. If, instead, you have identified the exact HMLR line, you will find that the boundary has been determined. Normally, both parties tell an expert to identify the border and an application is submitted to the HMLR to record a defined limit. The Registrar must then decide whether to believe it: We use pencils, chalk and tack to represent the demarcation line during our visit to the site. There may be cases where the jig is in the wrong position, using a visual indicator, we can make sure that the customer fully understands the results of our surveyor. Border disputes may arise when two separate parties, usually landowners, do not take on the obligations of location, width, ownership or maintenance of the demarcation line. This agreement will be signed on July 15, 2017 between John Smith of 10 Acacia Avenue, a title registered under the title number XX12345, and Mary Brown of 12 Acacia Avenue, title listed under title number XX67891. Border litigation can be costly to be brought to justice and, very often, the costs of trial will be disproportionate to the value of the land in dispute. Are there really any arguments? You may be able to arrange the matter on the ground with your neighbour, but the „paper” may not be in order, so too open to interpretation and the difficulty of applying the terms of the agreement. In this case, you will need a surveyor to develop a land registry-compliant plan, suitable for the submission of a border agreement or the finding of the border.

You must pay a basic registration fee and fill out additional forms to accompany the plan, or you can pay a lawyer to handle the trial. The agreement with the neighbour is recorded in the land registry database with your „memorize the title.” Budget $3-500 for the land plan and an additional $2-300 in registration fees. We use laser gauges to accurately measure limits up to 1.5 mm. This ensures that we can pass on our knowledge to our customers to ensure that they fully understand our understanding of the location of the demarcation line.