Scrd Collective Agreement

The LOU cannot be amended without „mutual agreement”: referee IBEW 213 vs Ledcor Major Issues: First agreement (in negotiations for 2 years), mass layoffs, working conditions, pay and benefits, job security and seniority started: September 30, 2019 Employees offer „excellent service,” she said, adding that many employees „are concerned about the impact a strike would have had on them. We hope to be able to allay their fears and reach a just, reasonable and mutually beneficial agreement as soon as possible. But in May, the union discovered that Shay was to attend after 17 .m evening sessions, and he did not receive a bonus. The collective agreement stipulates that „regular working hours for all domestic workers consist of a maximum of seven hours” between 8 .m and 17.m. A letter of understanding (LOU) accompanying the collective agreement between the Sunshine Coastal Regional District (DRC) in Sechelt, B.C. and the Unifor union, Local 466, detailed the working conditions for the coordinator position. „So far, despite numerous bargaining meetings over the past two months, the CSID has made little significant progress in addressing the union`s concerns,” Rush said in a statement issued after the vote. „466 Unifor Local members spoke, and this mandate should send a strong message to CSID to seriously discuss negotiations on a fair collective agreement.” The four-year collective agreement for Unifor Local 466 expired at the end of 2019. The last round of negotiations took place on 18 December.

The union`s board of directors invited its members to support the bargaining committee by voting in favour of the strike mandate. ILWU 522 vs SGS Prince Rupert (attempt agreement, November 4, 2020) SEIU Local 2 vs Bee Clean Building Maintenance BCGEU vs BC Family Maintenance Agency „I know this seems to be a technical and firm conclusion. But deciding otherwise would in fact allow only one party to the collective agreement to unilaterally amend the letter of understanding to now refer to two classifications: the coordinator for sustainability and education and the coordinator for water and energy projects. SCRD`s assertion that the jobs were the same should have been part of a new negotiation, Coleman said. „If Shay`s work does require a work schedule that includes day, evening and weekend positions as a normal course,” including his work in a letter of understanding #10, in addition to Clark`s current position, this must be done by mutual agreement.