What If Rent Agreement Is Expired India

… It is clear that, as soon as the lease expired in 1987, there was no fixed increase in rents. Both sides participated in… The tenants. The expiry of the lease cannot allow the complainant to be considered an illegal occupant of the leased land. At the expiry of the lease, defendants-plaintiffs can claim damages from the expiry date of the lease, although the date of eviction is well after the expiry of the tenancy agreement…. Why enter into a lease if your landlord is willing to sign an oral contract? Well, oral contracts have no legal validity and both parties may violate pre-established terms and conditions without having to face them. Lord, I want to know what all the points should carry a tenant in his mind, while a room on rent. Hello, I`m alone in chandigarh in a rented house for 1.8 years. My house was not repainted during my stay. My landlord said in advance that you will not collect the entire deposit and that it will deduct the cleaning and painting costs – even though I get my house cleaned every day. Even tenants are not responsible for painting costs… Can someone ask me where I`m going to complain if it doesn`t give me back my entire deposit amount…

I`m going back to my hometown the last day I left this place. How can I take proactive steps to keep her from worrying that day? I am a landlord.in 1987, I had sued my tenant for the eviction of my place and the recovery of my rent in court, because he does not pay the rent to me.the prozess is still going on in the court and even in 1992 court made against my tenant to pay rs.15000 but he didn`t pay.my holding claimed for standard rent in the court.since 1998 wieder court made him to pay standard in the court but he ignored to pay again. in 2007, my tenant place had been demolished by the company because this place came into the street development and corporation gave it replacement place in the name of this place on the tenancy. Until today, can this case be dismissed or completed?what should I do? Please, I need your help.